Let us take some of the work out of your pool for you. With our regular maintenance schedule our trained technicians carefully clean your pool from top to bottom. We then have your water digitally analysed and apply any necessary chemical adjustments to maximize swimmer comfort. We offer the following services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the duration of the pool season from May - August. Prices are subject to change after Labour Day depending on debris load. 
Local rates are within 20km of our store location. Increased rates are outside the 20km radius. 
First time or one time visits with be at our regular service rate, not a maintenance rate. 
We offer both Full Maintenance and Chemical Only Maintenance options.
Pool Maintenance:
Vacuum Pool - (Full Maintenance Program Only)
Brush Walls - (Full Maintenance Program Only)
Skim water surface - (Full Maintenance Program Only)
Empty skimmer baskets
Test and balance pool water and record results
Clean strainer baskets in pumps
Backwash Filter (if applicable)
Add sanitizer 
Add shock (if applicable)
*Chemicals, cartridge filter cleaning and repairs are not included and are additional cost.

Swimming Pool Maintenance
Swimming Pool Maintenance