Dear Deb and John,

The pool robot that I purchased from John’s Leisurescapes recently is the best thing I have ever owned in my entire life. I would give up my kitchen appliances before I ever gave the robotic cleaner up. My pool looks FANTASTIC. I don’t think that you can get much worse than my pool. It is so easy to use. If you have a client that is interested in purchasing one and needs a recommendation have them call me.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Marianne

To Whom it May Concern,

After the installation of our salt-water pool 9 years ago, I knew from having a previous chlorine pool, that the next most important step was to find an experienced company to provide regular service. Although pools can give great pleasure, they can become very difficult very quickly. Sometimes you need immediate response. We have been fortunate to have been referred to John’s LeisureScapes (yes there is a John). Salt-water pools have many advantages over chlorine but, they also have maintenance issues and, need someone that really understands how they work. Over the years, plastic fittings can fail, cells calcify, pumps need attention, covers deteriorate and, pool water must remain properly balanced. If not checked as part of regular servicing, big and expensive problems can arise. The improper closing and opening of a pool can also spell disaster if not done properly. John & his team at John's LeisureScapes take the worry out of pool ownership. Not only do they keep on top of regular pool maintenance, they respond very fast. Their unique Mobile Leak Detection Unit is fully equipped with special equipment. For a vinyl lined pool, you need on-site help fast if the lining is penetrated (an umbrella stand blowing in was our story). In addition to pool servicing, John's are also experts at installing special winter covers and pool solar heating. We have used them for both. Not only do they do a great job, they offer good value and stand behind their work. Country pools also have special needs. Porcupines can penetrate solar panels. Squirrels and other animals can create problems. At John's, there are few, if any, situations they have not encountered and remedied. As well, if you are away or a week-ender, they will look after your pool. Last but not least, they are a Napoleon dealer that offer many pool-size barbeque options and, most important, they come fully assembled by John's.

We do not hesitate to now also recommend John's to everyone we know who has a pool in our area.

Roy & Kelly

When you walk into John’s Leisurescapes the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The staff exceed “knowledgeable”. We have had nothing but excellent service.

Buying and maintaining a hot tub was a bit overwhelming, as we knew very little about them. However, after looking at many other tubs, Jacuzzi and John’s knowledge to answer any question made it clearly easy to see that he knows these tubs inside and out and we were investing in the best hot tub. In the past three years we have been well “coached” and “taught” by all the staff. Any question or concern is a phone call away … even after hours! Our hot tub has been a great investment to us. We enjoy many evenings relaxing, soothing our sore muscles and of course entertaining friends and family. Our Jacuzzi tub is simply superb. Our hot tub experience with John’s Leisurescapes has been truly a great one.

Stan & Rhonda

Dear John & the Leisurescapes Crew,

Thank you so much for the fantastic sales and service. We are so glad we bought our hot tub from you. Your knowledge and expertise is amazing. From the sale, the delivery and the installation, you guys were amazing. We were shocked to see you personally helping with the delivery and then coming back the following morning for a demonstration. Both you and your staff were knowledgeable and extremely helpful with us and our electrician. Thank you so much for going above and beyond. We are very grateful.

P.S. the tub is amazing too!

James & Kelly

Dear John and Staff,

I am writing this letter to say thank you. Thank you for making our decision to buy a Jacuzzi brand tub so much easier. With your thorough knowledge of the tubs and the fact that you pointed out that service is also a big factor, as everyone would agree, Connie and I are quite confident we made the right choice. As mentioned, I can't emphasize enough how important service is to a customer. Even after you helped us with the prep and setup of the tub I still managed to make a mess of things a few days later (all my fault I might add, because I listen so well, ask Connie). When I came in with my water sample, your staff walked me through step by step how to correct the problem, I felt much more at ease (learning curve right!). But the fact that you, yourself came out to the house that night to check on things and make sure everything was going alright, that's when we knew we had made the right choice to buy a tub from you.

Thanks John.

Jeff & Connie

John and his team have been maintaining our pool for many years. They're a pleasure to work with. Would recommend.

Krystina Borgo

John was a jacuzzi dealer for many years he knows his way around pools and hot tubs, his staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. John will help with pool openings and closes he is a gentlemen his prices are very reasonable.

Tim Murray

Always a friendly and helpful family, and they know the pool and spa business well too, the girls have always helped me with my hot tub problems, now I have a new pool.... John's is my go to place.


Very helpful and knowledgeable about all things pool and spa. They have a great assortment of supplies and accessories with competitive prices.

Alex Ingram

This is a family owned and run business who are extremely helpful and friendly. We bought a house with a pool and knew nothing about pool maintenance. Had them come out for "pool school" and now we feel like pros! Great selection of all the supplies and chemicals you need. Plus they do complimentary water testing once a month. Great service!

Carol Austin

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